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AD403 Introduction to Axiomatic Design

A four day eTraining class on Axiomatic Design intended to provide a basic understanding of Axiomatic Design technology. $495 per student.

Course Agenda

Module 1 - Fundamentals

  • The role of design in our daily lives
  • Design as a process of planning, configuring and deciding
  • The current state of the desing process
  • The four domains of design
  • The difference between unstructured and structured design approaches
  • The discovery of the two design axioms
  • Introduction to the independence axiom
  • Introduction to the information axiom

Module 2 - The independence Axiom

  • The taxonomy of design independence
  • The impact of independence on design quality
  • Mathematical representations of design independence
  • Mapping requirement hierarchies using a zigzag methodology
  • Empowerment of concurrent engineering based on the independence axiom
  • Analysis and decision making in light of the independence axiom
  • Application of the independence axiom to solve real world design problems

Module 3 - The information axiom

  • The link between information and quality
  • The probabilistic basis of the information axiom
  • Robust design in light of the information axiom
  • Handling situations where there is a lack of information
  • Application of the information axiom to solve real-world design problems

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