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eTraining Overview

With the web browser and newsgroup reader that comes standard with your PC, you can leverage a rich eTraining format known as asynchronous learning groups, which apply dynamic multimedia content along with an online instructor to create an effective online learning experience.

This eTraining format offers you a unique and efficient method providing freedom for you to learn when and where it's most convenient - dramatically easing the effort of assimilating Axiomatic Design Quality technology.

Your online eTraining Environment will function like a classroom. Your professor will host your class and deliver your daily course lecture and exercise materials. You will benefit from multimedia presentations and experience professional quality graphics and illustrations. You can also participate in direct interactions with your instructor, mentors and other students while completing assignments, examinations and workplace projects.

You are free to schedule your reading, discussion responses and exercises at whatever time of the day that works best for you - in the early morning before work, during lunch, during approved work hours, after work, late at night or any mix of the above.

Class Structure

Classes are limited to 12 students maximum in order to facilitate the best interaction between instructor and students.

During each 'day' of the course, you will receive daily lessons posted by the instructor. Your lessons will include engaging in reading assignments, multimedia presentations and dynamic simulations - as well as responding to discussion topics, posting results of assigned exercises and interacting with other students.

For team project assignments, you and other students collaborate in the Project Teams learning group, and coordinate work to complete the final project result by the assigned due date. When there are workplace projects, you will work with the instructor to define the project and then receive continual guidance during the completion of the project.

Class work for a given day must be finished during that day, keeping you and other students on track to complete the course together. You will interact with your instructor, generally on a daily basis, as well as other students and the class as a whole. Courses are typically constructed so they require one to two hours of work each day.


Your instructors will be experienced implementers in Axiomatic Design technology from ADSI staff. The ADSI pool has over 50 years of experience in applying Axiomatic Design processes to product design and services. And if you have specific technical questions related to your own company's applications, it is likely that we have the resources in house, or working with the MIT community, to quickly address your needs.

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