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Functional Requirements Analysis and Risk Mitigation with Axiomatic Design

Course Description

Purpose of course: This course provides the fundamentals of axiomatic design in an overall process of Functional Requirements Analysis and Risk Mitigation. Using these tools, robustness, quality and risk are analyzed and optimized at the earliest stage of a project, requirements analysis. Students, by the end of the class, will be able to apply these tools to reduce project development efforts by 50% or more.

Intended for: This course is intended for personnel involved in in the development of software, business processes and products. This may include project management, process engineers, project engineers, key staff, and quality engineers (DFSS, ISO, CMMI).

Course Preparation

Our approach to teaching is to teach by doing. Therefore, our training is tailored to specific customer projects. Prior to the class, our preparation includes working with customer staff to identify potential projects to analyze during the class. There will be preparation work by both our staff and customer staff in advance of the class.

Course Outline

The training is held over three consecutive days of 6 hours per day. The top level agenda is:

  • The Axiomatic Design process

  • Requirements assessment processes of the customer domain

  • Functional requirements analysis

  • Assessing robustness by coupling analysis

  • Axiom 2 -Robustness analysis at the concept phase

  • Assess and mitigating risk

  • Traceability as a quality tool for system verification

  • Reporting on functional requirements

A class project selected from real current developments of the client sponsor will be followed as a working example throughout the class. Any intellectual property developed by application of the tools belongs to the client.

Course Venue

The class is offered at client sites. The teaching style is interactive with emphasis on examples and problem solving workshops (as opposed to a lecture style).

Laptops running Windows 2K, NT, XP, Vista or Windows 7 are required at the minimum ratio of one for every 3 students. A USB slot is required to load Acclaro DFSS software. If students are unable to bring laptop computers, please contact ADSI in advance to insure that a computer will be available.

Supplied with Course

Breakfast and lunch are supplied with the class. Copies of all presentation materials are supplied. A copy of the Axiomatic Design Decomposition Process is included (ADSI published). A copy of Axiomatic Design, Advances and Applications is included (by Suh, N.P., Oxford University Press, NY, NY. 2000). A demo software license to Acclaro DFSS Professional Edition (below) for students to practice the processes. A certificate of completion will be sent to students attending all 3 days of class.

Included software licensing and upgrade opportunity

Included as part of the course, students will receive a trial license to Acclaro DFSS Professional Edition software. Students will have a special 90 day option of upgrading to a permanent license of Acclaro DFSS Professional Edition for only $995.


Offered onsite at client locations, the cost of this class is $8,995 plus a $195 course material charge per student. This class is limited to 15 students. (Plus travel expenses and venue which may vary with client location)

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