Acclaro DFSS™ Pricing

  • $1295 per node-locked license
  • $6996 floating license option

Demo License

Functional Specs, Inc. offers a demo version of Acclaro DFSS™ for evaluation.

Software Updates

Acclaro DFSS™ maintenance contracts include the latest software updates and priority support.

Academic Discount

For Professors and Graduate Students

If professors or graduate students need a permanent Acclaro license for their research or professional use, the academic price is $495 (An $800 discount off the standard retail price.)

Student Licenses

For Students in a Sponsored Design Course

Full licenses are provided to students of a sponsoring professor at no cost. Licensing is valid for one academic year.

To obtain academic licenses for your students, please provide the following information:

  • The name of the educational institution
  • The name of the sponsoring professor
  • The email contact of the sponsoring professor


“At Ford, axiomatic design methods have been helpful in studying design ranging from a transmission parking pawl, to system associated with vehicle drift/pull. Axiomatic design is useful in problem solving and new design applications, including design of an essentially new transmission.”

Larry Smith, Quality and Reliability Manager for Full-Size Pickup and Utility Vehicles, Ford Motor Company

“We used axiomatic design to fix a flexure mechanism on a prealigner (a device that pre-aligns a wafer). Using this methodology reduced costs by 50% and improved its lifetime by 5 times. Axiomatic design forces the system architecture to be organized in a disciplined fashion so that it would meet customer’s expectations.”

Dan Cote, Vice President of Engineering, Lithography Division, Silicon Valley Group, Inc.