AHP Surveys

Acclaro AHP Pairwise Comparison Ranking Tool Features

Functional Specs, Inc.’s AHP pairwise comparison ranking tool is an easy to use, flexible, fully automated online solution for surveying large groups of stakeholders. Surveys are compatible with browsers and mobile devices.

Survey Management

AHP Job menu screen capture
  • Create and edit surveys
  • Add stakeholder participants at any time
  • Download Excel reports

Customizable Email and Survey Templates

AHP job customization screen capture
  • Customize text of emails sent to survey participants
  • Use variable substitution in email message body
  • Customize text of survey landing page for stakeholder participants
AHP survey email screen capture
AHP survey page screen capture
  • Flexible, customizable survey scales

Manage Stakeholder User Lists

AHP stakeholder lists screen capture
  • Add and edit multiple lists of stakeholders
AHP stakeholders screen capture
  • Define survey availability start and end dates per list
  • Edit stakeholder lists
AHP stakeholder progress screen capture
  • Track stakeholder participation progress and send reminder emails

Flexible Report Generation

AHP report customization screen capture
  • Select stakeholder lists and participants to include in analysis

Download Excel Reports

AHP Excel summary screen capture
  • Pairwise comparison results are sorted and rounded for QFD
  • Results can be recalculated by stakeholder types and other categories to explore and understand rankings
AHP Excel calculation screen capture
  • Excel worksheet includes completed analysis with all calculations