Axiomatic Design Benefits for Designers

Axiomatic Design Benefits for Designers

Benefits to Designers

Axiomatic design helps designers with both new and existing designs. In both cases, designers work more creatively and develop better designs in less time.

  • Understand clearly defined problem before designing
  • Identify innovative ways to fulfill functional requirements
  • Avoid frustrating dead ends
  • Reduce random searches for solutions
  • Minimize or eliminate design iterations
  • Use current design tools more effectively
  • Select the best design among good alternatives
  • Verify the design against explicit requirements

Diagnosis of existing designs

When diagnosing an existing design, the use of axiomatic design highlights problems such as coupling and makes clear the relationships between the symptoms of the problem (one or more FRs not being achieved) and their causes (the specific DPs affecting those FRs). While improving the solution, the designer also enjoys the new-design benefits above.

Extensions and ECOs to existing designs When an existing version needs an engineering change or an upgrade, axiomatic design identifies all of the areas affected by the contemplated changes. As a result, unintended problems are avoided.

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